Visibility Services

Listings Management

The internet has a long memory. As more and more listings sites pop up across the web, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain accurate contact information online. If a business moves locations, changes phone numbers, or needs to change its domain name, that old info is still out there. Many “shady” listings sites even hold that old data hostage and demand payment to remove it!

If your customers are having problems finding you, we can help! We scour over 200 listings sites, including Google, Apple, and Amazon Alexa, to assure that your name, address, and phone number are consistent across the majority of legitimate directories in the world. So, Siri won’t give folks directions to an empty building. People won’t be directed to that old website that you’d rather be forgotten. Your customers will find you where you are, not where you were.


Reputation Management

We live in an age of strong opinions and the ability to make them known, worldwide, in a few minutes. We also live in a world where immediate gratification is not only desired, but encouraged. So one customer who’s having a bad day can have lasting repercussions for your business. And if they’re ignored… Hooo boy.

We can monitor the most popular review sites for everything the public says about you, both good and bad. This gives you the opportunity to promptly thank happy customers for their patronage, and to appease those who maybe didn’t have the best experience. Communication is key, and we can help. This gives you the freedom to do what you do best, and we’ll let you know if something needs your attention.

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